Hours of Operation:

Wednesday 10-4

Thursday & Friday​10am-5pm

Saturday: 10am-6pm

Sunday: 11am-4pm

"Baked with Awesomeness..."

Every cake is special.

 That's what I was told. Baking was always fun for me and my children.  I loved to create cakes for them and only them.  I didn't have the time to bake for fun so I baked with love.  Only a few times a year, I'd get the time to bake for my children.  After a while I decided that I had enough of working and needed to have more fun.  So I started Awesome little Cupcakes.  I got the name from a friend who said "Wow, your a little tiny person filled with awesomeness." So, now I'm a stay at home mom, thats cares for her cakes as much as her kids.